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Herbology Magic - Healing by nature based on Phytotherapy & Hidden Botany.

Author: Tânia Gori

A moment when the pharmaceutical industry turns to dedicate itself more and more to synthetic chemicals in the production of medicines, Tânia Gori takes an opposite route. His work is kaleidoscopic. It focuses on the natural world, from where it collects herbs and the entire range of products originating from flora.

The kaleidoscope is in the way the book is organized: there is an introductory part with precise indications for the collection, preparation, conservation of herbs, in accordance with the purpose for which they are intended. The plants, presented in alphabetical order, serve many purposes. The entries begin with a reference to the origin of the plant, its history and a set of information present in all of them: popular, scientific name, and therapeutic function, complemented by references to the ruling planet, element and deities.

From there, there are several applications provided by the herb: medicines, baths, perfumes, sorcery, talismans. Many of them stand out for their aromatic properties; on others, the gastronomic possibilities, with recipes to produce the most different dishes. Those in tune with esotericism will have a lot of interesting and surprising information there.

The light style makes reading enjoyable and fully meets the interest of the reader looking for information about herbs.

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Herbologia Mágica

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