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Spiritual Reflections

Author: Monica Buonfiglio

To reflect means to return to the spirit's awareness of itself to examine its own content through understanding. This is the purpose of this work, to grant the reader answers to doubts and problems that may eventually occur in his life, such as: losses, fears, wrong choices, guilt and trials.

It also deals with angels, faith, the power of prayer, forgiveness and renewal. It is from these concepts that each of us comes into contact with the source of the spiritual power present in every human being. This book is full of positive messages to make your universe better, and it also serves as a guide, guiding, who to turn to, as well as what words to say in times of distress.

See what angels say in certain situations, read a Bible verse that best suits the moment, say a prayer or ask the elementals for help to comfort your heart.

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Spiritual Reflections

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