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The birth chart is a wonderful tool for self-knowledge. In doing so, you can view opportunities, emphasize our talents, or be sure that you are investing in the right person in your love relationship. It also helps to understand in depth issues related to professional, philosophical, religious and spiritual aspects; it can be considered as a “tool that studies the human personality”.

In this study, the planets are contained, which represent the impulses and motivations, the signs, the attitudes towards life and the experiences, provided in the analysis of the twelve houses.

An astrologer is still a therapist, as he will translate the thoughts, expectations and beliefs that are still internalized in the client. By using information contained in the natal chart, acquired through the day, month and year of birth, together with his schedule, he obtains information regarding the positions of the celestial bodies, the transits, revolutions and progressions, to offer a range of possibilities whose intention is to provide a more harmonious, peaceful and secure life.

Is making a birth chart recent? Nothing like that. Astrology has been present for centuries in various cultures. In China it has been studied since 2000 BC In the same period it flourished in India and later in Mexico. Over time, all cultures have ended up using this practice.

Astrology can be divided into: classical, karmic, transpersonal, psychological, medical, among other derivations. Its basic function is to analyze the photograph of the sky at the moment of the birth of each one to symbolically portray our reality, our innate model and our inner design. Knowledge of astrological symbology enables us to understand what we should be doing naturally, without feeling pressured by family or society.

It is important to highlight some myths about the Astral Chart. For example: it differs totally from the horoscopes that circulate daily in the media, whose function is to entertain, providing curious or encouraging phrases, since there is no in-depth study. The Astral Chart, on the contrary, requires time in its elaboration. It can take up to two days for the astrologer to compose an astrological chart. Another untruth is to believe that it is possible to discover the lucky numbers to benefit from lottery games.

The Astral Map is much more than a hobby or mere curiosity. It makes it possible to understand our mission in this world, it deals with the skills and also with our limitations, where we can invest or give up.

Another factor that must be taken into account is that the Astral Chart cannot be seen as an exact science, but rather, an art that aggregates an approach to the universe, achieved through the knowledge of the planets, signs and other basic information that are different for each person. It is always important to remember that each card is unique, even for twin brothers.

As Astrology comes from subtle energies related to the metaphysical planes, it cannot be measured by scientists, since in many cases the practice is also associated with intuition that grants an inexhaustible source of knowledge.

Existence is given to us, demanded of us and it is up to each one to do what he was destined for. We are responsible for what we do with our lives, the degree to which we accept or reject our true nature, our purpose and identity.

The Astral Chart is the best guide we have to “get back to ourselves”. Each positioning of the planets or signs helps to reveal “who and what we are”. Nothing could be more natural than studying our natal chart to serve as the master of our destiny.

Knowing implies changing. When examining the positioning of personal aspects on the Map, we are not only giving clues to find the best path, but we are also making the other become aware. Thus, he will have the strength to start working constructively within a hitherto unknown structure to expand his limits in order to allow new alternatives, always more satisfying.


What it is: online attendance of the astrological chart and tarot of the angels with Monica Buonfiglio.

Benefits: All questions regarding profession, love, health and spirituality are analyzed.

Running time: 35 minutes

Note: Have the Skype video call program for online consultation.

We are a family owned and operated business.


To consult the Astral Map and Tarot of the Angels, contact our team at

e-mail with "Form" in the subject line of the e-mail. You can also make the purchase through the link below.

We will return within 48 hours!



You will receive an email with the available dates and times and a short form for us to collect some information necessary to prepare your consultation. Have your date, time and city of birth ready.


Having your appointment scheduled, make sure that the Skype program is installed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, as our service is only online. Be ready 05 minutes before the scheduled time and feel free to record the audio of the consultation.


The Astral Map and Tarot dos Anjos Consultations are also available for purchase online!

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We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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