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The Game of Buzios - The Oracle of the Orixás

Author: Monica Buonfiglio

Monica Buonfiglio reveals to readers one of the most impenetrable oracles in the world, the Game of Buzios. We get used to thinking that only people specially prepared in the Candomblé cult could read the shells, but Monica, herself a saint's mother, shows something quite different, as long as the African traditions regarding this oracle are respected. Anyone interested can use it, having the belief they have.

The book spares no effort for reader-learners to walk safely in this area. There are, didactically distributed, the fundamental information about the history of the game, the characteristics of the Orixás that compose it and, step by step, how to interpret it, since the book has more than 500 answers of the meaning of all the falls of the shells. The book accompanies a video lesson and can be considered as an indispensable work for those interested in the divinatory arts and all those who intend to follow the path of their inner journey.

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The Game of Buzios - The Oracle of the Orixás

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